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Plastic knockdowns vs Cardboard Gaylords

Plastic knockdowns allow you to save money every time you use. They are designed to be shipped and returned thousands of times. The knockdown profile allows you to reduce their overall size in return shipping allowing you to get more per truckload saving you money....

Virgin vs. Recycled HDPE Plastic Resin

High density polyethylene, or HDPE is the sturdiest and most inflexible type of polyethylene that can be used for a wide range of applications. HDPE is defined by a having a density greater than or equal to .941 g/cm3, and represents the most common portion of the...

What Type Of Bin Are You Putting Your Food In?

Plastic bins provide numerous benefits over wood bins for the agricultural and food industries. In these industries, it is vital to protect the quality of foods like pickles, fruits, potatoes and more. Wood bins create splinters that are able to get into the food and...

The Benefits of Recycling Plastic Packaging

In the United States only around 25% of plastic is recycled; the rest ends up in landfills or worse, the streets. Recycling plastic packaging has benefits that far out way the negatives, both environmentally and through a business standpoint. Recycled reused plastic...

New Hand Held Collapsible Tote Special

AIM Reusable Packaging is having specials like New Hand Held Collapsible Totes.  These 15 gallon Collapsible Totes provide sufficient space for materials and parts for just $12 per Tote! Plastic Collapsible Totes are durable for storing products and saving space when...
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