Front Discharge AIM Hoppers

AIM Reusable Packaging Hoppers have been specifically Designed for storing and discharging dry products. From pharmaceutical tablets to coffee beans or even wrapped chocolates, this 30 Degree sloped hopper allows for smooth and compelte discharge of bulk solids.

Made out of FDA compliant polyethylene, AIM Reusable Packaging hoppers are seamless and lightweight. They are stackable to maximize floor space. Featuring exceptional interior smoothness and rounded edges, they are easy to clean and sanitize. Their premium polyethylene construction makes them strong and durable, a much lower cost alternative to stainless steel. Built-in slide gate eliminates the cost of a separate valve.

FD Hoppers can be customized to fit your special requirements.

Product Description Product Number Outside
L”x W” x H”
FD-27 Hopper 01-220-2700-001-XXX 48″ x 40″ x 49 1/6″ 27 1,100 168
Fd-35 Hopper 01-220-3500-001-XXX 48″ x 40″ x 56 9/16″ 35 1,500 193


Standard Features


7 1/2″ x 10″ Front Discharge Opening Stainless Steel Slide Gate Valve
3″ x 8″ View Port Available in a Variety of Color Combinations at
Nominal Color Charge. Opaque Colors Available for
Protection of Light Sensitive Products.
24″ x 42″ Removal Dust Cover Lid Stenciling For Easy Identification
Integral Fill Fort Color Graphics
Polyethylene Slide Gate Valve

Why AIM?

As an independent manufacturers’ representative group formed in 1990, we market many different producers of reusable packaging.

Refurbished Inventory

AIM’s inventory is constantly changing; please contact us directly for refurbished products.

Container Management

AIM will help your business cut waste, eliminate risk, and get your reusable packaging organized!

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