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Metal Frame Discharge Hoppers

Streamline your plant operations with AIM Reusable Packaging RH Style Hoppers This lightweight twopiece unit includes a single piece FDA approved polyethylene hopper set in a polyethylene base.


Seven cubic capacities along with numerous lid style options represent the diversity needed to meet specific handling requirements. Exended leg options are available to accomodate taller valve assemblies.

The RH compact styling combined with an efficient stacking design makes it ideally suited for shipping and storing bulk materials. The 30 degree slope allows for complete discharge of solids and tablets. As opposed to stainless steel, the polyethylene base reduces threat of damage to walls and floors during handling and movement throughout the plant.

RH Hoppers can be customized to fit your special requirements if need be



Product Description Product Number Outside
L”x W” x H”
Cu Ft / Gal
FD-27 Hopper 01-220-2700-001-XXX 48″ x 40″ x 49 1/6″ 27 1,100 168
Fd-35 Hopper 01-220-3500-001-XXX 48″ x 40″ x 56 9/16″ 35 1,500 193
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