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Why AIM?

As an independent manufacturers’ representative group formed in 1990, we market many different producers of reusable packaging.

Refurbished Inventory

AIM’s inventory is constantly changing; please contact us directly for refurbished products.

Container Management

AIM will help your business cut waste, eliminate risk, and get your reusable packaging organized!

Welcome to AIM Reusable Packaging

AIM Reusable Packaging has been in business for over 30 years founded by Thomas (Tom) Stafford, EMBA 1989. Before starting AIM, Tom had extensive sales/engineering experience with reusable packaging companies such as Menasha Corporation, Lewis Systems (Orbis), Buckhorn, Plastech International (Rotonics Manufacturing, Inc.), and Snyder Plastics. From marketing representative to vice president of sales, Tom always dreamed of having his own manufacturer’s representative firm. He wanted to provide a single source for your reusable packaging needs which no individual manufacturer provides. And in 1990 he packaged that dream into reality by starting AIM. Whether you are looking for new, used, repaired, cleaned or recycled, AIM can handle your every reusable plastic packaging need.

Some Of The Companies That Trust AIM Reusable Packaging…

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AIM’s Blog

Guide to Plastic Pallets

You are ready to make the switch to plastic pallets, but what is the right one for you? The choices can be overwhelming. Rackable, stackable, nestable, export, and roll are just a few of the terms you will be faced with when you are looking to make the change. Let AIM...

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Why AIM Reusable Packaging Refurbished Knockdowns

AIM Reusable Packaging wants to be the partner you turn to for any reusable packaging need!  One of the more common returnables is the knockdown bulk bin. AIM Reusable Packaging invests heavily in securing refurbished knockdown bulk bins to bring value to all of our...

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Let’s be honest wasted space is like throwing out money. There is a way to make your company be more efficient, save money, and ship products on time. While custom dunnage for your parts may be an initial investment it is one that you will see a return on very...

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