Straight-sided Plastic Container Pallet and Top Cap Systems

AIM Reusable Packaging’s straight-wall container system delivers dollar savings and efficiency throughout the supplier to manufacturer material handling process.  AIM’s stack-only modular containers are ideal for close loop transportation, in-process handling and storage applications where the same containers are used throughout.   Standard Footprints:  15”x12”, 24”x15”, 24”x22”, 48”x15”.  Various heights standard on some models.   Other sizes available.

  • Compatible with the standard 48″x40″, 48”x45” plastic pallet and top cap system.
  • Multiple base options for a variety of stacking and load conditions.
  • Compatible with other commonly used container systems.
  • Large ergonomically designed handles.
  • Optional lids protect other contents from dust and other foreign materials.
  • Snap lock and hook in lid are designed for easy open and closing.
  • Available in ESD material.
  • Available in custom sizes.

Why AIM?

As an independent manufacturers’ representative group formed in 1990, we market many different producers of reusable packaging.

Refurbished Inventory

AIM’s inventory is constantly changing; please contact us directly for refurbished products.

Container Management

AIM will help your business cut waste, eliminate risk, and get your reusable packaging organized!

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